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A Promessa Num Beijo – Stephanie Laurens

A Promessa Num Beijo – Stephanie Laurens

Sinopse do Livro: THE PROMISE IN A KISS

When a handsome man literally fell at her feet while she was walking through a moonlit convent courtyard, Helena knew he must have been there for a scandalous liaison. Yet she kept his presence a secret from the questioning nuns - and for her silence the stranger rewarded her with an enticing, unforgettable kiss. What Helena didn't know was that her wild Englishman was Sebastian Cynster, Duke of St. Ives ... and that this dashing, dangerous nobleman was her destiny. Seven years later, Sebastian spies Helena from across a crowded ballroom. This heiress is dazzling London society with her wit and beauty, tantalizing all the eligible men with the prospect of taking her hand in marriage. But Helena is not looking for just any husband. She wants an equal, a challenge - someone who can live up to the promise of that delicious, never-forgotten kiss.

Especificações Tecnicas

ISBN: 0061031755
ISBN-13: 9780061031755 
Idioma: INGLES
Encadernação: BROCHURA
Ano de Lançamento: 2002
Número de páginas: 400
Peso: 0,305

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